Bron: Nandita, Vlaardingen

We are Richard & Arianne Oostra and together we are OXYGEN-HealingbyMusic.

Our curiosity and interest in other cultures, far-away and often difficult to reach areas off the beaten tracks, indigenous people and sound & musical instruments, have led to wanderings over all continents for decades. During these tours we have become acquainted with and learned to play indigenous musical instruments. This includes singing bowls in Nepal, didgeridoos in Australia, drums in Botswana, native american flutes in North America, steel drums in the Caribbean and humming wood in South Africa. These tours are our source of inspiration and determine our philosophy of live.

We are one with our instruments and communicate through music and sound with the world around us. We are inspired by the energy around us and often play intuitively and improvisedly in the moment. We specialize in working with sounds from nature and give various workshops in addition to our sound baths.


Arianne is a sound artist, energetic magnetizer therapist and since 2014 head teacher at the Didgeridooschool Rotterdam. She passes on her passion and enthusiasm for this special musical instrument during classes and workshops on all levels to her students, both at school and on location, festivals and company incentives. Furthermore, she plays native american flute, overtone flute, fujara, handpan (hang), tongue drum and various percussion instruments.


Richard is a sound worker, plays didgeridoo, tongue drum and overtone flute and as OOSTRA® Didgeridoo makes beautiful and affordable Performance Didgeridoos. In addition, he makes unique didgeridoos with emotional value for the client, such as SAMSARA - a didgeridoo made of an antique oak cupboard. A project which he finished in mid-March 2018. Photos of SAMSARA can be found on this website under the heading OOSTRA® Specials.

He also made the ANNE FRANK DIDGERIDOO. This unique didgeridoo is made from a branch of the Anne Frank (mother) Tree that fell down during a storm in August 2010. At that time this world famous tree was 170 years old. Arianne has the honnor to be the exclusive player of this didgeridoo and gives this world famous tree a voice. We believe that as many people as possible should be able to hear this emotional and beautiful voice ... as a symbol of mutual respect, tolerance and peace. We therefore always take the ANNE FRANK DIDGERIDOO with us on location. And in addition to being exhibited, we also use it our sound baths.

Besides Didgeridoo Workshops, we give Sound Concerts in which we use the didgeridoo, native american flute, overtone flute, handpan (hang) and tongue drum, and we sing Songs of Antiquity with the shaman drum. During these special sessions we also use singing bowls and plates, exotic percussion instruments, thundertube and humming wood.

We are looking forward to meeting you in our own Studio (max. 2 persons) or during one of the festivals where we perform on stage and give Sound Concerts and Didgeridoo Workshops in our OXYGEN Festival Tent.

Very happy to see you soon!