Experience the Healing Power of sound and music. The powerful energy that flows during the Healing Soundbath ensures balance between the left and right hemispheres, initiates the self-healing capacity, provides deep relaxation and inner peace and releases energetic / emotional blockages.

It gives a feeling of well-being for body and soul. You are literally immersed in vibration and sound. Sound is vibration and vibration is energy. Tensions and blockages can be released more easily. This is the time to do nothing and just to be there. Let go of everything.

We take you to the sounds of our worldly musical instruments, such as flutes, didgeridoos, handpan, tongdrum, singing bowls and more. Through 'channeling' we tune into the needs, feelings and emotions of that moment. We are one with our instruments and communicate through music and sound with the world around us. We are inspired by the energy in the space and play intuitively and improvised in the moment. All you have to do is find a comfortable place for yourself to receive the sounds and energy.

We provide healing sound baths for up to 2 people in our own OXYGEN Studio in Wernhout. We also provide our Healing Sound Baths at various locations. Look for this in the Agenda on this website.