Boreas Didgeridoo

Boreas - Wind God of the North.

Boreas originated from the love for Scandinavia. This beautiful didgeridoo, with a design that symbolises the thin nordic air that flows into a circle of wind which is further emphasized by the use of color, is in perfect balance.

The wood has been treated in such a way that the structure has a satin brilliance and depth.

Drone and toot are in the same octave D#, with a very easy and direct transition as well as an excellent back pressure.

Despite the weight and the bell diameter, this didgeridoo has a lot of power and volume, suited for both meditative and rhythmical styles. It's a very good didgeridoo and an absolute joy to play.



Cherry wood


D# / D#


155 cm.

Mouth piece inner diameter

30 mm.

Mouth piece outer diameter

40 mm.

Bell inner diameter

65 mm.

Bell outer diameter

80 cm.


2,2 kg.

Price: SOLD