We have excellent and affordable didgeridoos for sale in stock. These quality didgeridoos are made from sustainable tropical hardwood and are suitable for both the novice and advanced didgeridoo players. We also regularly have eucalyptus didgeridoos for sale.

OOSTRA® Specials are made on order. These are unique didgeridoos that are completely tailored for the future owner. Click on OOSTRA® Specials for examples.

Didgeridoo supports

These supports are made from recycled scaffold wood. Apart from the fact that the have a beautiful appearance, the environment is not burdened. On request, the support can be made for 1 or more didgeridoos and/or flutes.


The clapsticks are made of various types of hardwood and finished with environmentally friendly water-based stain. Because of the oval shap there are 2 different sounds.


Do you have a didgeridoo that, due to a crack or something else, needs repair? Do you want a new wooden mouthpiece on your didgeridoo? Do you want to change something about your didgeridoo? That is possible at OOSTRA® Didgeridoo. For information, appointment or order, send an email to: oostradidgeridoo@gmail.com

For more information, see the Pricelist on this website.